Stamp ‘n Stick Collection

15 May 2023

Stamp 'n Stick Clothing Marker

New to our product collection is the Stamp ‘n Stick Clothing marker all-in-one! A real nifty device indeed! Parents you are going to love how this clothing marker will save you time and keep your sanity in check! You will no longer have to keep relabeling your children’s clothes each time they are washed and reapplying new stickers to juice bottles and shoes.

The Stamp ‘n Stick set comes with a stamp that has dermatologically tested ink; 1 black textile ink cartridge; tweezers; letter and number sets; fun icons to place next to your child’s name. It also contains 1m iron fleece that is suitable for most fabrics; and 30 durable stickers that are large enough to stamp your child’s name on but small enough to apply to a collar or the inside of a shoe.

The Stamp ‘n Stick clothing marker set comes with easy-to-use instructions and advices you on the different design options you have.

We also have the Trodat Stamp ‘n Stick 8911 DIY – refill pack; Trodat Stamp ‘n Stick with customized text plate ; and the Trodat Stamp ‘n Stick Combo Pack – 8911 DIY Kit + 1 Refill pack  try one of them and you will be surprised how fun and functional they are!

Get your refill pack for the NEW Trodat Stamp ‘n Stick DIY stamp – the perfect stamp to mark your child’s belongings.

UV Ink

22 Oct 2021

Ultra-Violet (UV) ink is very effective to use for customers in the concert, nightclub, and wedding industries, as well as any other attendance-based events related to crowd control or security issues.

UV ink dries on the skin within a few seconds cannot easily be washed away by water or sweat under normal circumstances. After the event, it can be removed by washing the area with soap and water or it will self-evaporate from skin within 2-4 days. These stamps can show you important information such as guests under the drinking age or proof of admittance in place of tickets.

We put together our unique UV entry kit, which includes: A wooden stamp that we will customize to include your own picture or phrase; 50ml bottle of UV Ink, an un-inked stamp pad to be used for the ink, and also a portable handheld UV light. You can also buy any of these items separately, for example if you only need a bottle of ink or an extra handheld light.

Add an element of fun to your next event by using a UV kit.  If you have any questions about any of the products we offer, our team would be happy to assist you further, either by our online chat option, or via email

Teacher stamps

01 Oct 2021

Are you shopping for your favourite teacher for the perfect gift, or you are a teacher yourself and looking for something to keep your classroom clean, organized, and filled with lots of fun crafts? We can personalize teacher stamps to make grading papers and revising assignments feel less like work.  Reward your student’s progress with an adorable stamp design and mark their assignments with a stamp they’ll want to take home and share proudly.

We have several different options available for you to choose from. Firstly, we can make a date stamp, where you can have your name and department on top, with the date under that and your signature at the bottom.

Secondly, we can do parent signature stamps. This can be used when a student did not do their homework, then their parents can be asked to acknowledge and sign. It can also be used for assignments, tests, or any other work sheets you’d like parents to sign.

Lastly, we have a special made-up set of teacher stamps that can be customized to use your name and motivational messages like ‘well done’. We currently have 2 design sets available for you to choose from. This is excellent value considering you receive 6 wooden stamps with different colours of ink pads. For more information or any questions, you can send us an email and we’ll be happy to assist

What exactly is an embosser?

22 Jul 2021

The short answer is an embosser is a small press that creates an upraised design on a piece of paper. Embossers has many uses, both professional to personal. Professionally, it can be used by notaries, architects, engineers, and corporate officials to validate the authenticity of a document. Personally, you can add a unique touch to letters, envelopes, invitations, books, or gifts.

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Quick-Dry Ink

21 Jun 2021

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to stamp on a glossy surface, or if stamps are only meant to be used on paper? As long as the surface you stamp on is flat and even, you can stamp on most surfaces. It all depends on the type of ink you use.

When you want to stamp on metal surfaces, hard plastics, cardboard boxes, coffee cups or brown paper bags, you must use an old-fashioned wooden hand stamp, with a separate ink pad (which you’ll receive un-inked) and a bottle of quick-dry ink. Be careful not to ink the complete ink pad at once. Only put a bit of ink in the ink pad, as much as you need to use at that time and then the next time you need to use the ink again, you can re-ink the pad again.

The quick-dry ink we use comes in a 50ml bottle, is alcohol-based and it dries quicker than normal water-based ink. However, it does not dry instantly. Once you have stamped, you have to give it 3-5 minutes time to dry before you touch it, to make sure it won’t smudge.

We have the quick-dry ink in standard black, blue, red, green, and purple. You can get between 500-1000 stamp impressions from one bottle of ink. It depends on how big your stamp is and how much you have to ink the ink pad to cover the entire surface of your stamp.

Rubber Stamp Artwork

28 May 2021

Would you like to create a company stamp, and add your logo on the stamp as well?
Or would you like to create a stamp to use for branding boxes, to create awareness and make your brand more visible? We are here to assist.

JPG, PDF, CDR and PNG files can be uploaded directly to our website while you customize your stamp. All you must do is select the stamp you are going with, then click on the ‘customize now’ button on the website. Then you will have the option to add your text and your logo. If your stamp is already designed just the way you want it, click on ‘upload a design’ and choose the file you would like to attach.

High-resolution images always work better. It is recommended that custom images or logos be at least 300 dpi in resolution to reproduce a stamp.

As you proceed to the checkout, you would be able to choose if you would like to see the proof first. This means once your order comes through on our side, we will create the invoice and proof of the stamp and email that to you. You can then have a look and double-check if the design and layout is correct or if you need any changes before we print your stamp. We will only print the stamp on your approval and go-ahead.

6 Types of Customers

02 Jun 2020

This is the first in a series of posts where we seek to share some of the business and marketing insights we have gained over the last 15 years. By doing so, we hope to offer some guidance to you during these challenging and ever-changing economic times.

Customers are the lifeblood of every business. This is why it is so important to understand the types of customers you are dealing with to allocate resources efficiently to generate the highest profit. By having a better understanding of the types of customers, businesses can segment them and create better marketing strategies that lead to growth.
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Level 4 Covid-19 Plan – Interactive Concepts

30 Apr 2020

Prepared by Gary Amstutz (CEO) on 30 April 2020


Interactive Concepts is a manufacturer of stationery products (Rubber Stamps, Name Badges, Business Cards and Stickers/Labels) and sells directly to our clients through our eCommerce websites.

We do NOT service any customers at our premises.

As such, we are legally classified in terms of the new regulations released on 30 April 2020, to expand our trading from only offering our products to essential services companies, to offering our products to all clients within the borders of South Africa.

We currently have all our sales team working from home and will continue to operate like this during level 4.

Our production facility is a small facility of less than 150sqm and is based on the property where two of our staff members reside permanently. They will therefore be working from home as well and will continue the limited manufacturing that we are expecting during level 4.

We have three other members of our production team, who all rely on public transport to get to work. Despite them being able to legally come to work under level 4, we don’t yet feel that it is safe for them, or the current production team, to do so. We will review this regularly and when the situation changes, develop an operational plan for them to come back to work, that is aligned with the new regulations.

In summary, ALL of our team who will be working from Monday 4th May 2020, will be working from home.


As all our team will be working from home, we do not need to substantially change our operational processes. All deliveries and collections by our couriers will continue to be contactless and we will observe strict social distancing rules.

Notwithstanding the fact that our entire team will be working from home, they will be reminded regularly of the need to practice safe social distancing, to limit their movements outside of their homes, to wash their hands regularly and not to touch their faces.

Meet The Mobile Printy & 3-in-1 Pen Stamps

18 Oct 2018

Prepare yourself to meet the cutest little stamps there ever were – the mobile printy stamp and 3-in-1 pen stamp! We don’t know about you, but we’re suckers for anything miniature. These pocket-size stamps pack a punch in terms of value for money and convenience, allowing you to make your mark no matter where you are.

Mobile Printy Stamp

Our Trodat Printy Stamp is conveniently pocket-size for professionals on the go. With a simple single-hand operation mechanism, this little guy is the most stable and cleanest on-the-go stamp on the market. By folding into a neat package, there’s no risk of getting ink on your clothing or on your briefcase.

3-in-1 Pen Stamp

Our 3-in-1 pen stamp will make you feel like someone out of a spy film. Not only is the pen’s design classic and functional, but the writing quality is also top-notch. It’s as simple as removing the top of the pen to reveal your personalised stamp, enabling you to professionally stamp any document while you’re on-the-move. We have ensured you will get a crisp, clean imprint through optimal pressure distribution across the text plate.

In addition to this, they come with a soft rubber tip, that can be used as a stylus on touchscreen devices. We stock this multi-purpose pen stamp in classic silver, making this the perfect gift for any professional individual.

Our mobile stamping solutions are all Trodat, a brand trusted worldwide for its quality, reliability and functionality. You can have peace of mind knowing your new mobile stamp won’t let you down when you need it most. To place an order, you can do so directly through our website.

How to use commissioner of oaths stamps

02 Oct 2018

One of our most popular products has always been the Commissioner of Oaths stamp set. They come in a standard set of 3, required by all Commissioner of Oaths. We have the correct templates and terminology at hand and simply add your details in for your own set of personalised stamps.

What is included?

  • Oath Stamp – to be used in conjunction with the designation stamp when administering an oath.
  • Designation Stamp – to be used when administering an oath, as per above, and when certifying a copy of the oath.
  • Certification Stamp – to be used when certifying that a copied document is the same as the original. This template meets the new requirements furnished by the CIPC.

Wait, what is a commissioner of oaths?

A commissioner of oaths is an individual who has been assigned the power to administer oaths, verify affidavits and certify supporting documents. They are allowed to perform these duties in a designated area.

Who can become a commissioner of oaths?

Advocates, attorneys, clerks of the court, judge’s secretaries, justice of the peace, magistrates, notary publics, sheriffs, accountants, auditors and pastors. For a full list of designations, take a look here.

How to perform an oath

A Commissioner of Oaths may administer an oath from any person provided the person is willing to make the declaration and allowed to do so under The Justices of the Peace andCommissioner of Oaths Act No. 16 of 1963. The person must initial each page of the oath and sign in full on the last page with the COO present. The COO must then initial each page and also sign in full. The COO is required to ask the person that they have acknowledged that they know and understand the contents of the declaration, that they do so of their own free-will and state the manner, date and place of taking the declaration. You will then stamp the final page as well with the oath and designation stamps.

How to certify documents

The copied document must be compared to the original document to validate authenticity. Once this has been ascertained, the COO can stamp and sign the document.

How to apply to become a Commissioner of Oaths

If you are eligible and would like to become a Commissioner of Oaths, you are required to fill in this form, arrange an appointment with the local magistrate and hand it in personally.

When you’re ready, you can purchase your Commissioner of Oaths stamps directly from our website. Your stamps will be sent for delivery to you within 48 hours from order placement (excluding weekends and public holidays).