Stamp ‘n Stick Collection

15 May 2023

Stamp 'n Stick Clothing Marker

New to our product collection is the Stamp ‘n Stick Clothing marker all-in-one! A real nifty device indeed! Parents you are going to love how this clothing marker will save you time and keep your sanity in check! You will no longer have to keep relabeling your children’s clothes each time they are washed and reapplying new stickers to juice bottles and shoes.

The Stamp ‘n Stick set comes with a stamp that has dermatologically tested ink; 1 black textile ink cartridge; tweezers; letter and number sets; fun icons to place next to your child’s name. It also contains 1m iron fleece that is suitable for most fabrics; and 30 durable stickers that are large enough to stamp your child’s name on but small enough to apply to a collar or the inside of a shoe.

The Stamp ‘n Stick clothing marker set comes with easy-to-use instructions and advices you on the different design options you have.

We also have the Trodat Stamp ‘n Stick 8911 DIY – refill pack; Trodat Stamp ‘n Stick with customized text plate ; and the Trodat Stamp ‘n Stick Combo Pack – 8911 DIY Kit + 1 Refill pack  try one of them and you will be surprised how fun and functional they are!

Get your refill pack for the NEW Trodat Stamp ‘n Stick DIY stamp – the perfect stamp to mark your child’s belongings.