UV Ink

22 Oct 2021

Ultra-Violet (UV) ink is very effective to use for customers in the concert, nightclub, and wedding industries, as well as any other attendance-based events related to crowd control or security issues.

UV ink dries on the skin within a few seconds cannot easily be washed away by water or sweat under normal circumstances. After the event, it can be removed by washing the area with soap and water or it will self-evaporate from skin within 2-4 days. These stamps can show you important information such as guests under the drinking age or proof of admittance in place of tickets.

We put together our unique UV entry kit, which includes: A wooden stamp that we will customize to include your own picture or phrase; 50ml bottle of UV Ink, an un-inked stamp pad to be used for the ink, and also a portable handheld UV light. You can also buy any of these items separately, for example if you only need a bottle of ink or an extra handheld light.

Add an element of fun to your next event by using a UV kit.  If you have any questions about any of the products we offer, our team would be happy to assist you further, either by our online chat option, or via email https://rubberstampsa.co.za/contact/