Trodat Stamp n Stick 8911 DIY

NEW PRODUCT – Does your child sometimes lose their belongings at school – uniforms, stationery, shoes, lunch box etc? If so the Trodat Stamp ‘n Stick is a quick and easy way to mark all belongings with a name, custom text and icons to help avoid these little frustrations and make your day a bit more seamless.


The versatile Stamp ‘N Stick pack includes 1 green stamp with a black textile ink cartridge, 1 letter and number set with fun icons to allow you to design your own stamp, 30 durable stickers for attaching to trickier materials, 1m iron fleece for better legibility on darker materials and 1 set of tweezers to apply your characters to the stamp easily. Child-friendly and in trend, simply pop in your basket and customise the textile marker with your child’s personal information and favourite emojis, at your convenience.


As it is a DIY set and comes with a custom letter set, you can use this single stamp set for all your children. If you have a big family, we have refill kits available as well and you may want to add one to your initial order to avoid another delivery fee.


Wow, that's service! Thanks a million.