Quick-Dry Ink

21 Jun 2021

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to stamp on a glossy surface, or if stamps are only meant to be used on paper? As long as the surface you stamp on is flat and even, you can stamp on most surfaces. It all depends on the type of ink you use.

When you want to stamp on metal surfaces, hard plastics, cardboard boxes, coffee cups or brown paper bags, you must use an old-fashioned wooden hand stamp, with a separate ink pad (which you’ll receive un-inked) and a bottle of quick-dry ink. Be careful not to ink the complete ink pad at once. Only put a bit of ink in the ink pad, as much as you need to use at that time and then the next time you need to use the ink again, you can re-ink the pad again.

The quick-dry ink we use comes in a 50ml bottle, is alcohol-based and it dries quicker than normal water-based ink. However, it does not dry instantly. Once you have stamped, you have to give it 3-5 minutes time to dry before you touch it, to make sure it won’t smudge.

We have the quick-dry ink in standard black, blue, red, green, and purple. You can get between 500-1000 stamp impressions from one bottle of ink. It depends on how big your stamp is and how much you have to ink the ink pad to cover the entire surface of your stamp.