Rubber Stamp Artwork

28 May 2021

Would you like to create a company stamp, and add your logo on the stamp as well?
Or would you like to create a stamp to use for branding boxes, to create awareness and make your brand more visible? We are here to assist.

JPG, PDF, CDR and PNG files can be uploaded directly to our website while you customize your stamp. All you must do is select the stamp you are going with, then click on the ‘customize now’ button on the website. Then you will have the option to add your text and your logo. If your stamp is already designed just the way you want it, click on ‘upload a design’ and choose the file you would like to attach.

High-resolution images always work better. It is recommended that custom images or logos be at least 300 dpi in resolution to reproduce a stamp.

As you proceed to the checkout, you would be able to choose if you would like to see the proof first. This means once your order comes through on our side, we will create the invoice and proof of the stamp and email that to you. You can then have a look and double-check if the design and layout is correct or if you need any changes before we print your stamp. We will only print the stamp on your approval and go-ahead.