Meet The Mobile Printy & 3-in-1 Pen Stamps

18 Oct 2018

Prepare yourself to meet the cutest little stamps there ever were – the mobile printy stamp and 3-in-1 pen stamp! We don’t know about you, but we’re suckers for anything miniature. These pocket-size stamps pack a punch in terms of value for money and convenience, allowing you to make your mark no matter where you are.

Mobile Printy Stamp

Our Trodat Printy Stamp is conveniently pocket-size for professionals on the go. With a simple single-hand operation mechanism, this little guy is the most stable and cleanest on-the-go stamp on the market. By folding into a neat package, there’s no risk of getting ink on your clothing or on your briefcase.

3-in-1 Pen Stamp

Our 3-in-1 pen stamp will make you feel like someone out of a spy film. Not only is the pen’s design classic and functional, but the writing quality is also top-notch. It’s as simple as removing the top of the pen to reveal your personalised stamp, enabling you to professionally stamp any document while you’re on-the-move. We have ensured you will get a crisp, clean imprint through optimal pressure distribution across the text plate.

In addition to this, they come with a soft rubber tip, that can be used as a stylus on touchscreen devices. We stock this multi-purpose pen stamp in classic silver, making this the perfect gift for any professional individual.

Our mobile stamping solutions are all Trodat, a brand trusted worldwide for its quality, reliability and functionality. You can have peace of mind knowing your new mobile stamp won’t let you down when you need it most. To place an order, you can do so directly through our website.