Level 4 Covid-19 Plan – Interactive Concepts

30 Apr 2020

Prepared by Gary Amstutz (CEO) on 30 April 2020


Interactive Concepts is a manufacturer of stationery products (Rubber Stamps, Name Badges, Business Cards and Stickers/Labels) and sells directly to our clients through our eCommerce websites.

We do NOT service any customers at our premises.

As such, we are legally classified in terms of the new regulations released on 30 April 2020, to expand our trading from only offering our products to essential services companies, to offering our products to all clients within the borders of South Africa.

We currently have all our sales team working from home and will continue to operate like this during level 4.

Our production facility is a small facility of less than 150sqm and is based on the property where two of our staff members reside permanently. They will therefore be working from home as well and will continue the limited manufacturing that we are expecting during level 4.

We have three other members of our production team, who all rely on public transport to get to work. Despite them being able to legally come to work under level 4, we don’t yet feel that it is safe for them, or the current production team, to do so. We will review this regularly and when the situation changes, develop an operational plan for them to come back to work, that is aligned with the new regulations.

In summary, ALL of our team who will be working from Monday 4th May 2020, will be working from home.


As all our team will be working from home, we do not need to substantially change our operational processes. All deliveries and collections by our couriers will continue to be contactless and we will observe strict social distancing rules.

Notwithstanding the fact that our entire team will be working from home, they will be reminded regularly of the need to practice safe social distancing, to limit their movements outside of their homes, to wash their hands regularly and not to touch their faces.