The new Trodat Embosser (Seal Press) is an engineering work of art and the technology that goes into the layout and laser engraving of each customised plate (male and a female plate for each Trodat Embosser) is unbelievable.

Product Features

The result is a Paper Embosser that produces perfect impressions of text and/or images, with the smallest effort.

The Trodat Ideal Seal is also ergonomically designed, which makes it comfortable to use and light to carry around with you – it can therefore be used both as a desk and a pocket seal.

Our Trodat Embossers are used by Notaries, Corporations, Training Organisations, Engineers and Government Officials. We have also manufactured 100’s of Embossers over the years for the Wedding, Craft and Branding Agency sectors.


Tips and Tricks

  • Our embossers work best on standard bond paper (80-100gsm).
  • We do however have clients that use a variety of different media (types and thicknesses) – there is however a risk that the customised embossing plates can be forced out of alignment if the media is too thick.
  • When placing your order, specify the position on the page that you are going to be embossing the artwork (i.e. Top/Bottom/Right or Left). This will enable us to align the plates when we mount them to your embosser.
  • Use Notorial Seals to give your document a professional and/or official look. You can also use these if the area you want to emboss on the page is too far in for the embosser to reach. In this instance, simply emboss the notorial seal whilst still on the roll and then stick anywhere you want to on the page. You can also use this solution if the media is too thick to emboss.
  • Trodat Embossers are not suitable for leather or fabric.
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