RubberStampSA is the first, fully automated, online Rubber Stamp ordering shop in South Africa.

We have been manufacturing and retailing Rubber Stamps for almost 10 years now and have recently passed the 250,000 stamp mark. RubberStampSA was brought about in response to a growing demand from existing customers to be able to design, process and pay for their orders online.

This proved to be so successful that we expanded the service by offering free overnight courier delivery to any town in South Africa.

Over the years we have tested several different stamping products, but now only use Trodat®. They are the market leaders in this field, offering unsurpassed quality and continuous product innovation.

We welcome all comments and suggestions relating to our website and the online Rubber Stamp ordering process, as our goal is to make the whole experience quick, easy to use and informative (email us your comments).

We look forward to hearing from you!

Gary Amstutz
Managing Member, RubberStampSA.co.za